Your home should be a happy place.

In fact, we believe that your home ought to be the happiest place you go to every day.

A home that is warm, inviting, comfortable.  A place that reflects who we are as a family and is something that we can be proud of.

We want to love the home that we come home to!

At Lambright Flooring, we help Mid-Michigan families do just that.

For the past 30 years, we have helped hundreds of families and have become one of the most trusted names in the wood floor industry.

Whether you want to refinish your existing hardwood floors or install new ones, we have the proven experience and craftsmen to make it easy for you.

Our Happy Home process is simple:


Have a brief conversation with us and tell us about your project.


We’ll help you find the perfect wood floor options that you need.  Sand/Refinish or Buy/Install.


Our team of wood floor craftsmen will install them and give you a home that you’ll love to come home to!

It’s that easy!

Today’s homeowners are looking for someone who can do more than just install or fix their wood floors.  They’re looking for experts who can transform their space into a home they love to come home to.

That’s the mission of Lambright Flooring and delivering on that promise is what has given us the reputation that we are so proud of today.

Get an estimate and see how easy it is to buy and install or refinish your hardwood floors today!

“Happy Homes, Hardwood Floors”

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